Kim Kardashian still loves fast food!

Kim and Kris enjoy some burgers

Kim and Kris enjoy some burgers

It was a bit of a shock for burger lovers who were enjoying some fast food at the St Cloud “Five Guys Burgers” when Kim Kardashian walked in the door! On Friday Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries popped into the burger joint for a leisurely lunch and to meet some fans.

The whole event was filmed by a TV crew of course, and is going to be a part of a 4hr engagement special featuring Kardashian and Humphries.

Some fans had a heads up that Kim Kardashian was planning the visit to the burger joint, so there were a few lined up before the doors opened. The owner of the shop said: “We opened 15 minutes earlier because we already had 10 people at the door!”

Kim and Kris were in town to spend some time with Kris Humphries’ grandparents who live in St Cloud. Buy all accounts Kim is impressing the Humphries clan with Kris’ dad, William Humphries saying: “I like her. She’s very kind, she’s a very gentle person. She has a very strong faith, being a Christian — that’s probably what doesn’t come across (on her show)”

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