Kim Kardashian changes hair color!

Kim Kardashian changes hair color

Kim Kardashian changes hair color

Kim Kardashian has been having a frantic summer full of life changes as she prepares to marry professional basketballer Kris Humphries. Her latest change isn’t as significant as her upcoming wedding – she has changed her hair color!

Lately Kardashian has kept her hair close to her natural dark brown/black color but as she has done on previous summers – she has gone for a lighter shade for the season.

She was spotted leaving a television taping in Studio City, California and the paparazzi noticed the new hair style. Kim tweeted her fans about it of course, writing: “I dyed my hair lighter for summer, I’m loving it! I feel younger!”.

Kim recently returned to Minnesota, the home town of her fiance Kris Humphries, where she spent time with Kris and his family.\

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