New Kim Kardashian Sex Tape?

Another Kim Kardashian Sex Tape?

Another Kim Kardashian Sex Tape?

There might be a new Kim Kardashian Sex Tape about to leak onto the Internet! Pictures have surfaced that appear to show a lingerie clad Kim Kardashian performing oral sex on a white male. Gossip bloggers are saying that this could be Kris Humphries’ revenge on Kardashian for their short lived marriage – leaking private photos to the press.

Other gossip mongers have suggested that the picture might feature someone other than Humphries and could be the reason for the marriage failing!

Kardashian is no stranger to sex tapes with the 2007 release of the tape featuring her and Ray J, that was sold by Vivid Entertainment.

But is it Kardashian? Checkout the Kim Kardashian Sextape Pics (NSFW, explicit images!) and decide for yourself. If the pictures are legitimate, we may soon see another Kim Kardashian Sex Tape floating around the Internet.

Meanwhile another Kim Kardashian rumor has spread suggesting that Kim stopped having sex with Kris Humphries after they were married!! That would back up claims that the marriage was a fraud and that Kardashian used it to generate money and publicity.

Kim Kardashian Topless!

Kardashian Sisters Topless

Kardashian Sisters Topless

Kim Kardashian will go to any length to promote her latest business ventures it seems, including stripping! In a recently released photo from the new Kardashian Kollection advertising campaign, Kourtney, Khloe and Kim Kardashian are dressed in jeans and nothing else!

Makes for a hell of a hot picture, but most guys looking at this photo might not notice the jeans as much as they carefully study other parts of their anatomies. The girls all look incredible in the pics.

Kim Kardashian posted the picture on her weblog and wrote: “Kourt, Khloe and I decided to go natural for our Kardashian Kollection denim shoot with Nick Saglimbeni and pose in only our favorite jeans! What do you think of the pic? I think it’s such a beautiful shot and Khloe and Kourtney both look so stunning! Xo”

Kim Kardashian & Kanye West Sex Pics?

Kim Kardashian & Kanye West

Kim Kardashian & Kanye West

The latest piece of naughty gossip surrounding Kim Kardashian is that she had a sexual relationship with rapper Kanye West while he was still dating Amber Rose!

Amber is apparently on the war path about it, claiming that it broke her and Kanye up and she also claims there is proof! The question is what kind of proof, could it possible be another Kim Kardashian Sex Tape or a video or photos?

Amber Rose is a scorned woman and she recently told gossip blog TMZ: “I know what the truth is, she knows what the truth is, Reggie [Bush] knows what the truth is and so does Kanye. I have solid proof, I just don’t want to take it there.” Solid proof would indicate a photo or video.

Some blogs have already claimed to have seen some material featuring Kanye and Kim having sex. One blog posted the picture below, featuring a woman with Kardashian’s build and claims it is Kim. In the post they claimed: “We confirmed that the pic is indeed AUTHENTIC. And the woman in the pic.. well we ain’t just yet. But let’s just say that when you find out WHO it is that Kanye was FREAKIN OFF”

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Sex Pic?

Kim Kardashian’s new Bikini Line

Kim Kardashian Bikini Fashion Line

Kim Kardashian Bikini Fashion Line

Kim Kardashian has been constantly releasing and promoting new products over the last few years and it looks like 2012 will be no exception. Kim has announcedvia Twitter that the 2012 Kardashian Kollection will feature bikinis!

Kardashian also linked to an interview with the co-creator of the Kardashian Kollection Bruno Schiavi where he describes the upcoming changes to the fashion line and also gives a very revealing interview about what it is like to work with the Kardashians.

Apparently he had some initial misgivings about working with 3 sisters! Bruno said: “Oh my God, were going to have three girls, three different opinions, very, very stylish, sophisticated, glamorous women that are all going to want to design something totally different. How is this going to work?”

However Bruno discovered they work together very well, as he says: “(they) come together as sisters and they to tend to agree on most things because they have the same vision. They really have a passion for fashion.”

So get exercising ladies, Summer is just around the corner and no doubt we will see Kim Kardashian in a bikini strutting around making you all look bad if you don’t get into shape!

Kim Kardashian Business Magazine Cover

Kim Kardashian Success Magazine

Kim Kardashian Success Magazine

Kim Kardashian has appeared on the cover of the latest issue of Success magazine for her fantastic results as a “Celebrity Marketer”. The magazine lists the numerous success Kardashian has had in the business world including: the DASH clothing boutiques, the Kardashian Kollection handbag line, the Kardashian Kolors cosmetic range, the Kim Kardashian fragrances, the Belle Noel jewelery collection, the Shoedazzle online shoe store and many more. for example was co-founded by Kim in 2009 and is currently valued at $280 million dollars. Members pay $40 a month and receive a pair of shoes, jewelery or a handbag from a stylist selected showroom. Just another of Kardashian’s successes.

Kim has come a long way since the age of 19 when she started her first business venture – cleaning out friends closets of unwanted clothing and selling it on eBay. She has also managed to get past the embarrassment of the Kim Kardashian Sex Tape, which was released by former boyfriend Ray J.

Kim explains her continuing success to the magazine, it’s all about goal setting: “Every six months my mom and I set goals and visions for what we want to achieve. Then we write a goal that is outlandish and outside what we think is our goal range.”

One of those goals was to have a fragrance, which was at one point an outlandish and difficult dream. Well Kardashian now has 3 fragrances and is said to be working on releasing a 4th. Kim says that pushing at the goals, no matter how high they are eventually pays off. Maybe not within a year or more and not always in the way you might expect.

Kim has a massive fan base to market her products to as well – nearly 7 million on facebook and nearly 11.6 million Twitter followers. So when she launched a product it is immediately in the face of millions of consumers.

However Kim isn’t looking to exploit her fans. “I feel like I’m giving my sisterly advice,” Kardashian told the magazine, “I’ll listen to fans’ comments and questions asking what skincare do I use or what fragrance I like, and I feel I’m in a position that I can answer those questions well.”

Kardashian also says authenticity is important. The Kardashians love the products they make. “People aren’t stupid, You really have to love what you do and you really have to believe in what you’re working for, for everyone else to believe you.” she said.